Zwim : Heads-Up Display For Swim

Zwim lets you check real-time activity data via an integrated heads-up display in the middle of swimming.

It detects and calculates time, heart-rate, laps, etc., displaying them in front of your eye in no time. Whether you are a professional swimmer or a weekend-warrior, Zwim will help you achieve your goal of every training. Zwim integrates with world’s smallest and most advanced near-eye display.

We’ve been partnering with world’s leading optics company that has the proven technology of wearable display. The display module in Zwim provides high-resolution and full-color visual output with high clarity even in a bright environment.

Watch the raw demo of the display running on Zwim. This video is captured by an ordinary camera with no visual effects nor graphical processing applied. It also demonstrates switching screens by pushing a button.Zwim integrates with a high-accuracy optical heart-rate sensor that will be placed on the temple. The design of Zwim is optimized to achieve accurate detection of heart-rate by keeping the sensor fastened on the temple.


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